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She said Oh!

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This a community based on everything that is wonderful. Yes, that is a bit cliche. I know. But I want to know what is wonderful to you. What is magical, amazing, breathtaking. And who is beautiful and wonderful in your eyes. This is also a community to share. Share your stories, your memories, your pictures, creative journals, collages, anything.


1. No LJ drama. Fighting isn't nessicary, please keep your arguments in your own livejournal.

2. Stay open minded, this is a community for everyone and everyone has thier own opinions.

3. Please do not post any nude anything, and if you really need to please keep it tasteful.

4. Use an LJ cut for long entries/lots of pictures. The instructions for one is in the F.A.Q under "Journal Entries".

That's it for the rules, not a lot so could you please follow them?

If there are any problems you can contact me the mod walk_softly and I will try to correct them.